It is October 2020 and we are at the end of our 3rd season! 

What season? -The camping season! 

You see, I am the owner of a campground. Yup, I am 45 years old, the mother of 3, the foster mother of 3 more, former stay-at-home mom, a wife of 25 years to my dear husband, Colin. And I own a campground!

About five years ago just as my children were getting lives of their own and in between foster placements I took just two baked potatoes out of the oven- had a good cry and Bought a Campground!?

Okay it didn’t happen exactly like that… but kind of! 

It gets crazier!

Not only do I spend 6 months running this campground, it is a 5 days drive from my home! So, every six months I drive across the country from Alberta, Canada to Miramichi, New Brunswick. I turn on the water and the electricity, scrub floors, refrigerators and toilets, restock The Little Store and excitedly await our first campers of the season! 

Why? You might ask, would I do this. Well first, the campgrounds in Alberta were a crazy amount of moola. But the real reason is our campground has Treehouses! 

Right? Who wouldn’t want to own a campground with 12 super fun treehouses?

Miramichi Treehouse & Camping Adventures is just different enough to be me! We have cottages-yes, and RV sites, there are of course tent sites, a playground and a swimming pool… But it is the Treehouses that bring me joy!! 

My goal is to help families unplug a bit, get outside and create some Magical memories that they can cherish for years to come! And Treehouses are the perfect beginning! 

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