Welcome to Hill Spring!
Adventures in Hill Spring for Journal # 2!

Our Hill Spring Adventures

Tucked away 45 minutes Southwest of Magrath and just 30 minutes North West of Cardston sits the Hamlet of Hill Spring and where you will find Jacob’s journal. Although it is small we once more had a sweet walk down memory lane!

My adventures in Hill Spring began almost 26 years ago when a really cute boy took me “home” to meet the family! A wedding, three children and so many adventures later, we still think of Hill Spring as home!

We drove down to SpringGlen park where we have had so many of our Canada day Celebrations, and by the Great Canadian Barn dance turn off. Then past the school where my dear husband, Colin, went to school and my kids have played. The Church we had our wedding reception and my children attended primary. The Hill Spring Store and the little post office! The house Great Grandma Draper raised her family, and the one Grandpa Wynder grew up in…

Such a small town for so many big family memories!

The Details!

Just in case you are new here, we want to welcome you to Jacob’s journals and adventures! This is where you can find the details of Jacob’s latest adventure and journal drop! If you are too far away to join us in Alberta please share your adventures for a chance to win on of our Adventure Back packs!

Jacob’s Journal

We had hoped to hide Jacobs journal at SpringGlen park where we love to camp and explore, but it was all locked up for the season. So we drove up to one of kids favourite playgrounds! Not the school yard- although that is fun too! But one of the last playgrounds to have a merry-go-rounds! You know the kind that kids love and parents cringe over! So much fun!!

Where to Find the Journal!

It’s in Hillspring

Drive to the post office

Find the merry go round!

Have a seat on the blue bench!

Good Luck & have fun! We hope you find it! Please remember to let us know if you do. Just post it on Instagram (@jenn.wynder) or Facebook (Jenn Wynder) and tag us!

We hope you enjoy your Adventure in Hill Spring!

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