I am just starting this journey of Blogging again. I have been away from it for a few years. Since then I have gone through the teen years with my children and celebrated my oldest sons wedding… over a year ago!! I am no longer the mom of young children. I am well on my way to becoming an Empty Nester!!

I just watched my daughter load up her car- her car… how does my baby own a CAR???!! And drive away across the country to Ontario. I know, I know it is my own fault! She has watched me do it a hundred times. Teaching her to be independent, strong and to follow her dreams seemed like such a great idea when she was four and learning to dress herself… Which by the way she did with style! But I have to wonder about the wisdom in it as my heart drove out of the driveway with her!

Even Jacob, my sweet baby is about to turn 21!!! Wait what? He lives his life from the seat of his wheelchair and relies on someone to do everything for him. He is the one I can still snuggle with and get to laugh at my jokes… Even he is starting to show signs of wanting a life of his own!!

I do have 3 wonderful foster sons in my home right now but there again the youngest is now a teenager!

It is official I am headed toward being an empty nester! I really don’t know how this happened so quickly! (doesn’t everyone say that?) But seriously it’s amazingly crazy fast!!

Now What?

Thankfully I am prepared! I have the campground.

So 5 years ago when my children moved out the first time! And I took two baked potatoes out of the oven and cried and then bought a campground? Turns out it wasn’t such a bad idea after all!!

I am a month away from loading up my van again and heading across the country to New Brunswick. There I will begin opening treehouses and cottages, RV & tent sites, and stocking the little store for our 4th season!! (Assuming Covid doesn’t stop us from doing so!) I do love it! And even though I still have dreams about line ups of people trying to get in while I am trying to hook up the water and electricity, it is exciting to be starting another season!

I love our amazing guests, seeing the looks on the little ones as they trade their fairy stones in for prizes, the magic of families sitting around campfires roasting marshmallows sharing laughter and the highlights of their day.

There really isn’t anything quite like it!

So, Join me on my journey as I get ready to head out, travel across Canada in this crazy time in history and start opening up Miramichi Treehouse & Camping Adventures! It will be fun… Or at least it will be real!

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