Enjoying the Fall Colours!

I had to run to the office this morning- Just a cross the road! When My maple tree stopped me in my tracks. I love being able to spend Autumn in the Maritimes! This tree has been gorgeous this year with bright and vibrant colours, the smells of the crisp leaves and the damp ground, brings back childhood memories of jumping in huge piles of leaves!

But, what caught my attention this morning was the sound! I could actually hear the leaves falling through the tree and hitting the ground!

How many times do I run place to place forgetting to look up? To stop and listen to the world around me? I forget that there is a whole sensory filled world of play going on all around every moment of everyday! And I am too focused on my destinations, or busy looking at my phone. I miss the beauty of the world around me!

The colour-full leaves will soon have fallen to the ground and be covered in a layer of glistening snow! But today as I stood in the sunshine, eavesdropping on the natural world, I was reminded of the magic all round us… We just need to take a moment to listen!


  1. Jennifer ( I love the name your Mom gave you 😁)
    Just today I checked out these Blogs….and like you I love * listening * to nature. Love the quietness sounds and * smells* that nature brings.
    Right now it is the smell of frost & snow and the crunch of snow & ice as I walk…..
    Keep up your great adventure at the Miramichi Treehouse Camping…..you and Colin & your family are doing a great job and I love being your seasonal camper and watching it all happen.
    Love you

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