Balance in Transitions!

Actually my name is Jennifer- not Jenn. I have to add this to show the love and respect my dear mother deserves! You see, when I was in high school- before we knew anything about branding, a friend and I decided that I should from here on out go by Jenn -with 2 ‘N’s! And it stuck… Much to my poor mother’s chagrin. She had spent many years protecting me from such a thing! It’s pretty much my life. Trying to find the balance in the transitions.

But I digress.

Writing an about me page is really tricky- Seriously, who do I think I am that you need to know more about me?? And do I even have anything exciting to share?? Yet I love reading bios… so here it goes!

Not Quite the Beginning- Balance in Transition One!

Just over 25 years ago I left my home town, of Sault Ste Marie and moved to Calgary Alberta where I met and married my dear husband, Colin. We now have 3 foster sons and 3 children of our own- who are all grown and starting adventures of their own.

Nathan, our oldest, just celebrated his first wedding anniversary to his sweet wife, Mallery; our middle child, Mackenzie, has moved out and is back home again before starting the next leg of her journey. Jacob our youngest has recently turned twenty and is trying very hard to find his own way and having his own adventures without his over protective mother- me, from interfering! It’s tricky- you see Jacob has cerebral Palsy and goes on most of his adventures from the seat of his wheel chair. For not being able to speak, he communicates his wishes loud and clear- And he doesn’t want his dear, sweet, amazing mother interfering into his plans! We are still working on the balance of all of that!

Family Photo 2011
Time flies when you’re having fun!

More Recently: Balance In Tranasition Two

About five years ago, just as my children were beginning to get lives of their own and in between foster placements I took just two baked potatoes out of the oven. Had a really good cry in the arms of my bewildered husband and then Bought a Campground!

Okay it didn’t happen exactly like that… but kind of! 

Family photo
This is Us!

Today: The continued Balance in Transition!

I am now 45 years old, mother of 3, foster mother of 3 more, former stay-at-home mom, a wife of 25 years… And I own a campground!

It gets crazier!

Not only do I spend 6 months running this campground, it is a 5 days drive from my home! So, every six months I drive across the country from Alberta, to New Brunswick Canada. I turn on the water and the electricity, scrub floors, refrigerators and toilets, restock The Little Store and excitedly await our first campers of the season! 

Why would I do this? Well first, the campgrounds in Alberta were a crazy amount of moola. But the real reason is our campground has Treehouses! There just isn’t enough magic in the world anymore, so you have to grab it when it shows up! What is more magical then treehouses?! We have cottages and RV & Tent sites too, but seriously, treehouse are just too much fun!

So I am on a new crazy messy, adventure trying to rediscover who I am and where I am headed! Hope you will join me along the way!