One of our favourite places we have lived is Pincher Creek Alberta. The People, the mountain views, the art gallery, swimming pool, library and skating rink. But most of all the adventures that were waiting all around us! One of our favourite of those was our adventures at Lundbreck Falls!

Adventures @ Lundbreck Falls
Jacob pointing to the hiding place!

The Planning!

I started a couple of weeks ago making a list with Jacob of the places that we wanted to visit over the next 12 weeks. Pincher Creek was at the top of that list! Oh how we wish we could have stopped by to see our friends and family while we were there. But we are rule followers and these adventures are about getting out and about safely to enjoy the world around us!

When we woke up to blue skies and sunshine the choice was easy! The weather in Southern Alberta changes at the drop of a hat, so we headed West before the snow, rain, sleet, hail or hurricane force winds hit! There is ALWAYS wind in Pincher Creek- it just wasn’t quite a hurricane force wind this time!

As we gathered up snacks, water bottles, cameras and wet wipe and piled into the van on Saturday Jacob and I were excited. The sun was shining and Southern Alberta was in beautiful form! The closer we got to Pincher Creek and the mountains the more memories came flooding back!

When the kiddos where younger and Jacob could be carried or put in a backpack we would spend the afternoon at Lundbreck falls building dams, taking family photos, climbing on the rocks & the base of the bridge, and painting pictures.

Lundbreck Falls

Lundbreck falls is Beautiful! I love them all year long, but this time of year with the ice and mist- they are breathtaking! A photographers paradise! One of my favourite parts is that they have a wheelchair friendly view point! No bumping Jacob up the stairs to see the view! Thank you Lundbreck falls for thinking it through!!

After enjoying the top of the falls and getting some pictures the boys and Mackenzie took the stairs to the bottom. They climbed on the bridge, found a small cave, and climbed on the rocks!

The Hiding of the Journal

Jacob and I began our search for the perfect place to hide his journal! After a thorough exploration Jacob chose a spot between two rocks. Check out the Information sign- it has some great info on it and you just might be closer then you think!

If you want it to be hard… Here is your clue

Go to Lundbreck Falls!

If you want it a bit easier…

It’s on the South side and Jacob hid it so it’s in a Wheelchair friendly spot!

More Clues… Incase you need them!

Go to the left of the viewpoint with stairs

Look behind the rocks

It’s behind the information sign

One last thing! Please make sure to let us know if you find it! You can do that by posting a picture on Instagram or Facebook and tagging us in it- @jenn.wynder. Good luck! Stay safe and Have fun!

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