Finding Jacob's journal in Waterton
This one maybe a bit harder to find!

This week we headed west with the whole family and spent a fun afternoon on an Adventure in Waterton National Park! The sun was shining and the wind was blowing! -Doesn’t the wind always blow in Waterton?!

Our family loves our Adventures in Waterton! Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall!

We started by taking a family picture at Cameron Falls- cause you can’t go to Waterton without a picture at Cameron Falls! We also wanted to roast hotdogs in one of the camp kitchens, but it took us all afternoon to find one that was empty… When we finally did find an empty one, we discovered the person assigned to bring the matches had misunderstood the assignment! So we enjoyed our hotdogs over the gas range at home instead!

Jacob decided he wanted to hide his journal down by the water, so we all walked down to the beach. The wind was crazy so Jacob Waterton Adventure outside was short! He stayed long enough to hide the journal and then headed back to the warm van!

The Details!

Again, if you are new here you can find more details here!

Once a week Jacob has hidden a journal in a different location around Southern Alberta… If you aren’t in Southern Alberta you can still participate by going on your own adventures and sharing them with us on instagram or Facebook. You will be added to our draw to win one of our Adventure Backpacks!

Where to Find the Journal!

Once in Waterton head past Cameron Falls- (not Cameron Lake) and down to the beach. If the wind is blowing, you might want to try leaning into it to see if it will hold you up! It’s a crazy feeling!

The Journal is hidden to the left of the parking lot, when facing the water

Look for three trees together

The Journal should be in the centre of the three trees

The journal is covered with twigs and rocks so it wouldn’t blow away!

It’s not super wheelchair friendly- We were able to get Jacob’s chair to it but it took two of us!

Please remember to share your Waterton Adventure with us on Instagram or Facebook!

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