This week we again headed West for our adventures, to the town of Cardston. Cardston is near and dear to our hearts! We once called it home and have dear family who still live there.

On this weeks adventure and Journal Drop we started at Lion’s Park. It is one of our favourites. The boys loved climbing the huge rope structure and swinging on the round swings. There was a “wheel chair” accessible part, but basically Jacob could wheel on it and off. Not much play value. He loved the swing too!

We then headed down the trail to find the perfect spot to hide the journal! See below for all the details!

Things to Do in Cardston

If you are wondering what to do on a visit here is a few things that we love!

  • The Lions park is newly upgraded and is so much fun for all ages! It is located just off of Main Street behind the swimming pool. It has a big climbing rope structure, big slides, fun swings, a water park in the warmer weather and room to spread out. So much fun!
  • The Swimming pool has also been redone! It now has slides, a wad in pool hot tub and lazy river. It is outdoors, so add it to your summer to do list!
  • The Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is beautiful! There is a visitors centre if you have questions!
  • We love to eat at Dave’s drive-in in the summer and The Sweet Spot and Sauce anytime of the year! It also has an A&W and Kentucky Fried Chicken.
  • The Lee’s Creek walking trail is fun too. It goes from the Remington Carriage Museum up along the creek. There is a campground close too!
  • We love sliding down the hill at Redford park in the winter.

Where to Find the Journal!

If you are new here you can find all the journal drop details here!

We started our walk at the playground and headed west. We passed the bridge to the Remington Carriage Museum and along the creek. It was a beautiful day! There were people skating on the ice and lots of people out walking! We had to be stealthy! Jacob loves it when we have to be on the look out for people while hiding his journal!

The Journal is hidden about half way between the park and the highway. There is a little “grove” of trees and the paved path continues along the river as a gravel path veers to the right.

You may have to see the pictures to see what tree it is hidden in!

Good Luck and please remember to share your adventures with us so we can add you to the draw for the Adventure Back Pack!


The Journal has been found!! Congratulations Shayna! We hope you enjoy it!

Cardston Journal Drop
Congratulations Shayna!!

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